Estrela Mountain Dogs

Handling Other Breeds

Yes we're besotted with the Estrela. But can also appreciate other breeds and regularly handle some fantastic dogs in the Pastoral group in the UK and Group 2 and 5 under FCI. More photos of handling different dogs in the UK and abroad can be found here

Pyrenean Mountain Dog - CH Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna JW ShCM

I've had an interest in Pyre's for a few years and sometimes even have the pleasure of judging them. After giving this young lad Best of Breed at an Open Show in June 2013, his owners - Arthur and Christine approached me to take over handling Kodi.

After a 'trial run' at Blackpool Champ show the following weekend, we haven't looked back. Two years on, and together we have gained multiple Championship Best in Shows; Broken the record for Championship Group wins held by a Pyrenean (7 at time of writing) and multiple group placings; 13 CC's; numerous RCC's Championship stakes class wins; and entry to the prestigious Eukanuba Champion Stakes final competition. Our most amazing experience was most definitely winning our first Pastoral Group at Manchester Championship show in January 2014, proudly surpassed by winning BEST IN SHOW at Border Union all breeds Championship Show in 2015. Undisputed Top Pyrenean for 2014 and 2015, this boy has lots left to achieve.

Long may my relationship with Kodi, Christine and Arthur continue!

Finnish Lapphund - Ch, Int Ch, Lux Ch Elbereth Kia Joins Bridus

I've known Lapphunds for some time, as they are the breed the Estrela is always next to in the Group Ring. I never thought I'd get so involved with them though! 

Kia is known to me as 'My Little Chchch'. As most of my handling starts, I was asked to hang onto the end of Kia's lead, and before I knew it, we were partners for a vast majority of the 2012 champ show season.

Owned by Sue and Emma Bird, Kia is a true joy to be with. Extremely eager to please (depending on what is in your pocket) Kia is a true ambassador for her breed. I've been fortunate to handle her both in the UK and Europe, and was truly thrilled to be with her when she clinched her Luxembourg title in 2012. I hope my relationship with Kia and her Mum - Sue, continues for many years.


Finnish Lapphund - Ch, Lux Ch Elbereth Matkamies

Toni Jackson - Matka's breeder, is also a successful Championship show judge, so isn't always able to handle Matka.

Extremely laid back to the point of being horizontal, in Toni's absence Matka had been passed between a few people to try and get the best out of him in the show ring. Unable to find a suitable partnership between Matka and other handlers in the Lappy fraternity for a period of time, Toni asked if I would pilot Matka at Southern Counties 2012. He went like a dream.We then had a brilliantly successful partnership, winning nothing less than RBD. The first time I graced the Group Ring with a Lapphund was a wonderful feeling. 

Matka finished the 2012 season as Top Finnish Lapphund and am proud to say that I piloted him to some of the points that have enabled him to gain this title.

Finnish Lappund -Elbereth Mikko

Turkish Kangal - Foudland Tayibe Cum Clanquaich

 I first had the pleasure of meeting 'Freya' and her human - Deely, at Border Union 2009. It was Freya's first outing and she was a bouncy puppy with that little bit extra magic that made you stop and look at her.

Freya has turned into an absolute stunner and I'm proud to say I've had a number of opportunities to handle her at Champ Show level, winning numerous Best of Breeds and into the Group. She has had two group shortlists and a Championship Group 4 (LKA 2011) to date. A pinnacle for us both was winning Best Rare Breed in Show at National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 2010, a very close second was winning Best of Breed at Crufts in 2015.


A dream to show, Freya floats along with you. She can try her luck at times, (the joy of Kangals)! but she is definitely worth the effort. I'm immensely grateful to Deely for allowing me to show her special girl. This one went to the top and stayed there!



Turkish Kangal - A'Taira is Kazana at Kamish
Rafeiro do Alentejo - PT Ch Lima de Paio Pires
Rafeiro do Alentejo - Lagoa Janis de Paio Pires

Julestar Golden Glow at Kawanna - Catalan Sheepdog

I first handled 'Tilly' as a favour for Angie Fieldsend of Starwell Catalans. Tilly is owned by her mum - Maureen but with Angie having numerous other dogs to run, it was impossible for her to show Tilly to her advantage. Tilly quickly became my responsibility at shows and I was more than happy to accept.

Tilly can be rather shy and it has taken time for her to feel truly comfortable with me. We've both worked at it and now make a good team. Having the opportunity to show Tilly at Open and Champ level, we've achieved reasonable success, winning a number of reserve and best bitches, as well as a couple of Best Import Register, from a variety of breeds including fellow catalans. 

Tilly took a break from the show ring in late 2010 to have her first litter of pups and returned to the ring in style gaining a RBB at Scottish KC 2011 on her first outing. 

She is now having her second litter and retiring from the show ring.